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    Customize your Color & Texture

    The Arch can be designed and customized to match your building aesthetics. We can paint, vinyl wrap, stucco, and brick the outside of each unit.

    Select your chemical & Options

    The Arch atomizes fluid at 15-30 PPM through compressed air. It is important to use a chemical that is food grade safe. We recommend a water based sanitizer.

    Please CLICK HERE to learn more about our sanitizing products.

    The Arch is RF Remote Control, this will allow you to operate all of them separate if needed.

    This will help us with customizing your quote, and providing an accurate lead time. We do offer volume discount’s for orders over 5 units.

    Location & Payment

    Each Arch is customized per location, for elevation & humidity to reach the ideal results. We make custom adjustments to each Arch under high speed camera to ensure the unit spray atomizes for reduction in chemical waste and coverage.