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    Grocery stores throw away an estimated 2.8 Billion wipes annually, we figured there has to be a better solution. We invented “The Arch” that through atomization cuts consumption of fluid chemical by 50% vs normal sprayers. Our unit also utilizes Electrostatic spray technology a new way to apply cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants to help facilities treat surfaces, often in less time and with better coverage than traditional cleaning methods. With atomization and electrostatic technology, you can avoid liquid pooling on the floor and throwing away 1-time use wipes.
    FDA states that most chemicals require a sitting time of 10 minutes or greater to be effective in killing viruses and bacteria. A standard wipe is designed to dry in a few minutes and typically is only applied to the handle and basket. The Arch is spraying the entire cart with a focus on high touch areas on the top cart surfaces.

    We set out to find a happy medium with “wet” carts vs wipes. We atomize the spray making less than 25 PPM when a raindrop can be 5000-6000 PPM. This ideal spray can be compared to fog, you feel the moisture but not “wet”. The unit is designed for incoming carts into the holding area, which will allow for required sanitizing sit time.

    Yes, we are a distributor for a chemical that is approved by FDA to kill Covid -19, it comes in a safe to touch pouch and is diluted into the water on-site with our “Pump& Filter basket option”.
    Yes, we do not require our customers to use our chemicals. “The Arch” is engineered to atomize all liquid chemicals up to 200CP. We do recommend a Food Grade Water-based sanitizer.
    The Arch is designed to be indoors and outdoors, for grocery stores, medical facilities, airports, and anywhere no-touch sanitization is needed.
    Typical consumption will allow for a full reservoir to last 8-16 days.
    We have two options, through the water hose hook up on the side and he pump will transfer the fluid for you. Or you can fill the tank from the top of the unit through the filler neck.
    We believe in building American made quality and provide a 2-year parts warranty, click here for more details.
    We manufacture in Denver, CO & Tampa, FL.
    No, we do not sell through distribution. However, we do have a “Finders Fee” program for our strategic partners.
    Yes, we sell direct.
    Yes, we do have a lease program. Please contact our sales department to learn more.
    Yes, we have a National Sales Program which supports volume discounts for units of 5 or more. Please contact our National Sales team to learn more.
    Currently, due to demand, we are not renting our units.
    The spraying can be started with remotes provided with a range of 150ft or manually.
    The unit is designed to run 2 minutes at a time and be the most effective with atomization. The cycle rest time is 1 minute.
    Yes, The Arch is designed to be mounted outside and can be wrapped in your special design or any outside material to be aesthetically pleasing to match your storefront.
    A single 110V powers the unit.
    The arch comes with a 110 plug. If the unit needs to be hardwired, then a certified electrician will need to perform this task. We do not endorse or provide electricians.
    We provide a maintenance kitthat will include a nozzle cleaner. We find that if a location is using a water-based product, hard water can cause a sprayer nozzle over time to clog. With a simple brush tip, it can be cleaned.
    We sell all replacement parts to our units and provide videos on how to change each part. Please contact our parts center.
    We currently only to the United States.
    The Arch requires a 100v plugin, maybe it is portable if you’re creative enough.