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    Grocery stores throw away an estimated 2.8 Billion wipes annually, we figured there has to be a better sustainable solution. With our main focus on providing a sustainable long-term solution that would reduce cost, reduce waste and grocers can easily operate, we created the Arch. Now there is a consistent, automated and cost effective solution that can help eliminate waste.   

    We set out to find a happy medium with “wet” carts vs wipes. With our Electrostatic Atomization proprietary patented design we have found the perfect amount of coverage. Leaving the carts to dry in a few minutes.  The unit is designed for incoming carts into the holding area, which will allow for required sanitizing sit time. 

    The Arch Cart Sanitizer retails for $6,599 and can be purchased direct or through our strategic partners. Volume discounts start at minimum orders of 25 units. 

    With our patented design the average cost is less than $ 3 per day for regular grocery store and $4 per day with a supercenter. 

    After seeing the harsh products being used in the marketplace, we do not recommend using other chemicals. This will void your warranty if we identify other chemicals were used that have not been approved by Arch Cart Sanitizer. 

    The Arch is designed to be indoors and outdoors, for grocery stores, medical facilities, airports, and anywhere no-touch sanitization is needed.

    Typical consumption will allow for a full reservoir to last 2-5 days.

    You can fill the tank from the top of the unit through the access cap. 

    We believe in building American made quality and provide a 1-year parts warranty with a 2-year option. Warranty information can be found at the bottom of our website. 

    We manufacture in Tampa, FL.

    Since we offer many different custom models, we sell direct to Grocers and Retailers. This also allows us to provide world class service and after warranty support.   

    Yes, we do have a 13 month lease program of $495 per month.  Please contact our sales department to learn more.

    Yes, we have a National Sales Program which supports volume discounts for units of 25 or more. Please contact our National Sales team to learn more.

    Currently, due to demand, we are not renting our units.

    The spraying can be started with remotes, motion detection,  RFID or touch button.  We offer many different solutions to best support store requirements. 

    There is no limit to operation on time. We do have fail safe’s engineering into the unit.   

    Yes, The Arch is designed to be mounted inside or outside and can be wrapped in your special design or any outside material to be aesthetically pleasing to match your storefront.

    A single 120V plug is required. 

    The arch comes with a 120V plug. If the unit needs to be hardwired, then a certified electrician will need to perform this task. We do not endorse or provide electricians.

    The Arch is very simple to maintain, we recommend a one time a year check over to replace filter and visual inspection of nozzles. We have partnered with a national service team to support our service or this can be done by you in-house team.  

    We sell all replacement parts to our units and provide videos on how to change each part. Please contact our parts center.
    We currently only to the United States.

    The Arch requires a 120v plugin, maybe it is portable if you’re creative enough. We do NOT recommend mounting casters for safety.