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    Key Features:

    Designed to fit all shopping carts.
    Double lane model available for Supercenters.
    3 Electrostatic atomizing sprayers.
    Utilizes single 120v to operate.
    Lights to showcase operation.
    Emergency stop button.
    Low level warning light.
    Exterior color to match your company branding.
    We ship our EPA N-List approved to kill Covid-19 chemical in packets. You drop (1)packet into our system and fill it with water. Saving you money on freight and environmental impact.

    Consumption is less than $10 a day in Disinfectant / Sanitizer chemical with our system.

    Cost Less Than a Penny Per Cart

    Electrostatic Technology to Cover the Entire Cart

    Eliminate One-Time Use Wipes

    Remote Control, Requiring No Additional Action

    No Drain Pan Required EPA Product Approved

    No regular maintenance required

    Minimum Maintenance Required