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    for food and kids to touch


    cleaning solution to ensure peace of mind

    Designed For Outside

    for when carts are being pushed into the holding area

    Low level light

    (4) Electrostatic Atomizing sprayers

    Exterior customization to match building aesthetics

    Height & width designed for universal cart size

    Universal water hose hookup to transfer fluid into holding tank


    No drain required, engineered not to reach the floor with water based sanitizer at 10-30 microns

    Single 110V to operate

    Key Features:

    Designed to fit all shopping carts.
    4 Electrostatic atomizing sprayers.
    Utilizes single 110v to operate.
    Remote or manual activation.
    Emergency stop button.
    Low level warning light.
    Exterior customization to match build aesthetics.

    Water based chemical approved by EPA to kill Covid-19

    Cost Less Than a Penny Per Cart

    Electrostatic Technology to Cover the Entire Cart

    Eliminate One-Time Use Wipes

    Remote Control, Requiring No Additional Action

    No Drain Pan Required EPA Product Approved

    No regular maintenance required

    No Maintenance Required