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    The Arch Cart Sanitizer is on tour of grocery stores. Our demo model will directly showcase how electrostatic technology with our EPA approved water based sanitizer can provide a safe cost savings solution.

    Reduced Chemical Consumption by 70%

    Electrostatic Spray Technology covers entire cart

    Reduce-One Time Use Wipes

    Remote control, requiring no additional action

    No drain pan required

    No regular maintenance required

    No Maintenance Required


    for food and kids to touch


    cleaning solution to ensure peace of mind


    up-front cost with a lease program

    Continued Committment

    to provide cleanliness for the customer

    Designed For Outside

    for when carts are being pushed into the holding area

    Water based approved by EPA to kill Human Coronavirus Covid -19 EPA Registration #74986-5

    Car wash for shopping carts sanitizes for under a penny per buggy

    http://https://www.fox13news.com/news/car-wash-for-shopping-carts-sanitizes-for-under-a-penny-per-buggy   TAMPA, Fla. - Adam Labadie lost his job in the wake of the pandemic, so he spent the last five months launching a new business and building a machine to sanitize shopping carts. His invention has now caught the attention of major grocery chains. Shopping carts are touched a lot. Hundreds of people grab those handles, spreading germs and bacteria. Since the pandemic hit, cleaning carts has become a full-time job at grocery stores. Labadie thinks it can be...
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    Tampa man in talks with national grocers after inventing grocery cart sanitizer system

    https://archclean.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/3B8A7EF717F954C.mp4 TAMPA (WFLA) – During the pandemic, we’re all have been more conscious of the things we touch when we leave our homes, like shopping carts. According to inventor, Adam Labadie 20 million grocery carts are touched a minimum of 200 times a day. Now the Tampa native has created a possible solution for a safer shopping experience…the Arch Cart Sanitizer. “I wanted to have a brand and I wanted them to be comfortable knowing that they have a clean...
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    The dirty facts about grocery cart cleaning

    FACT SHEET It is estimated that 20 million grocery carts get touched a minimum of 200 times a day, on average, spreading disease from human- to-human while picking up food for consumption. Current sanitization efforts are costly and wasteful, but The Arch offers a safer, more effective solution. Current Cart Sanitization Procedures are Costly and Wasteful The grocery industry alone is projected to spend $150 million in one-time use grocery sanitizing wipes.Disposable wipes generate7.6 billion pounds of garbage and account...
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    Sustainable grocery cart sanitation with Arch Cart Sanitizer

    NEW COMPANY CREATES AN AUTOMATED SOLUTION FOR SUSTAINABLE GROCERY CART SANITATION Disposable wipes generate7.6 Billion lbs. of garbage and account for 2 million tons of plastic waste per year, making it 3rd largest consumer item in landfills. The grocery industry alone is projected to spend$150 million in one-time use grocery sanitizing wipes over the next 12 months. That is an 80% increase in waste and cost to retailers for something most consumers never even think about. Are you troubled by...
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