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    Disposable wipes generate7.6 Billion lbs. of garbage and account for 2 million tons of plastic waste per year, making it 3rd largest consumer item in landfills. The grocery industry alone is projected to spend$150 million in one-time use grocery sanitizing wipes over the next 12 months. That is an 80% increase in waste and cost to retailers for something most consumers never even think about.

    Are you troubled by this thought? The team at Arch Cart Sanitizer are. They see grocery cart wipes as a failure to innovate and a complete waste for our environment. They invented the “Arch” Cart Sanitizer. An automated “Arch” that sprays out water-based sanitizer. This design can be put out front since it is made of recycled plastics. Their focus is simple to provide a sustainable cost-effective solution for stores. Hopefully changing the landscape for cart sanitation.

    Their strategy is different than most, with most focused on continuous innovation long term and sustainability for stores. The Arch has some key benefits that can really help with making that decision to transition.

    • Low monthly cost starting at $450 a month with lease option that includes an EPA approved water based chemical. All maintenance and warranty covered under lease.
    • Electrostatic – Atomization combines the best technology and provides consistent coverage for sanitation.
    • Eco-Friendly & safe to touch – with the Arch no drain or catch is required. The chemical is shipped in a box, individually wrapped and diluted with water on site. Saving expensive freight and no need for bulk storage containers.
    • Portion of the proceeds from each unit sold are donated to The Ocean Foundation

    This innovative team sees a future where a mom or dad with their hands full does not have to grab a wipe in order to have a clean shopping experience. The grocery store can provide this solution when bringing the carts into the holding area, save money and have less impact to our landfills.

    As we all battle Covid-19 retail and grocery stores now have a long-term solution for grocery cart sanitation.

    Sustainable grocery cart sanitation with Arch Cart Sanitizer