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    It is estimated that 20 million grocery carts get touched a minimum of 200 times a day, on average, spreading disease from human- to-human while picking up food for consumption. Current sanitization efforts are costly and wasteful, but The Arch offers a safer, more effective solution.

    Current Cart Sanitization Procedures are Costly and Wasteful

    • The grocery industry alone is projected to spend $150 million in one-time-use grocery sanitizing wipes.
    • Disposable wipes generate7.6 billion of pounds of garbage and account for 2 million tons of plastic waste per year, making it the third largest consumer item in landfills (source:http://www.designlife-cycle.com/disposable-wipes-lifecycle
    • Grocery stores have had to bear the brunt of the cost to band-aid these issues. Hiring a “cart attendant” to wipe down one cart at a time ends up costing an estimated$171M in 2020 alone.

    The Arch Cart Sanitizer is Safer and More Cost-Effective

    • The Arch Cart Sanitizer – Atomization combines the best technology and provides consistent coverage for effective and thorough sanitization.
    • Eco-Friendly & Safe-to-Touch – with the Arch no drain or catch is required. The chemical is shipped in a box, individually wrapped and diluted with water on-site saving expensive freight and no need for bulk storage containers.
    • Low monthly cost starting at $299 a month with lease option that includes EPA-approved water-based chemical. All maintenance and warranty covered are covered under the lease.
    The dirty facts about grocery cart cleaning