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  • We are a custom machine manufacturer dedicated to grocery cart sanitation, focused on sustainability and peace of mind for shoppers.

    Our units in action.
    Small footprint, BIG Impact

    Easy To Use
    Store manager showing his customers how to sanitize their shopping cart.
    Nested Carts
    Store associate is sanitizing grocery carts.
    Custom Colors & Logos
    All of our units come custom to represent the store branding and style.
    Single Lane Model
    1-6 Lane Models
    We customize each unit for your store. .
    Less than 3.5 seconds
    Customer can sanitize their cart in 3.5 seconds,
    Small footprint
    Our units have a small footprint, and work well on sidewalks.
    Inside store
    With our proprietary design, our units can go inside your store.
    Small Footprint
    Mounts to any wall.
    Single Span

    Retailer Testimonial

    "This has brought great Peace of Mind to my team, and customers. Great product! Customers comment to our associates daily how much they appreciate the cart sanitizer. ".
    Dan Allen
    SR. Director of OPS
    "Customers have really embraced using this system. I observed for several minutes and only 1 male customer chose not to sanitize his cart. Several customers commented to me and thanked us for having this system."
    David Deets
    Store Operations Director
    "At first we were doubtful, to our surprise it has been great! It's easy to use and customers love it!
    Jesse France
    Front Ops Manager

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